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Veyi Subhamulu Kalugu Neeku Movie Review and Rating :-

Veyi Subhamulu Kalugu Neeku Movie

Movie :- Veyi Subhamulu Kalugu Neeku (2022) Review

Star Cast :- Vijay Raja, Tamanna Vyas , Shivaji Raja, Satyam Rajesh and so on

Producer :- Srinivasa Rao Jami, Thumu Narasimha Patel

Music Director :- Gyaani

Director :- Rathod Raams.

Story :-

The movie revolves around the character of Chaitu (Vijay Raja ) who works are a programming director over a reputed channel. Due to his father Narayana’s ( Shivaji Raja ) last wish, he purchases a Bungalow. Things started becoming critical when Chaitu come to know that there is the devil in the bungalow.

Now, What is Chaitu gonna do? Why are there devils in the Bungalow? What is their back story? In between all of these, what is the role of Diva (Tamanna Vyas )? What happened at the end forms the crux of the story.

Thumbs Up:-

  • Vijay Raja did his best in engaging the audience. Tasmania Vyas did her best in the limited screen space. Besides Satyam Rajesh evoke comedy well.
  • The story is quite good.
  • The cinematography and Devil scenarios are good.
  • The production values ​​and great.

Thumbs Down:-

  • Boring screenplay.
    Although the director wrote a good story, he could not handle the screenplay Properly.
  • Most of the film is too boring and fed up audiences a lot.

Final Verdict:-

Vijay Raja’s latest film Veyyi Shubamulu Kalugu Neeku is good in terms of story but disappoints us with the lack of gripping narration. Vijay Raja and Tamanna Vyas including Satyam Rajesh gave the best performances.

Production values ​​are good, editing work needs to be done well. The cinematography visuals are good. If the director’s narration was good, this movie would have been a successful one. Even though the director handled a few scenes well but rest of them are too boring to watch.

Rating:- 2/5

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