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Code Name Abdul Movie Review :-

Code Name Abdul

Movie :- Code Name Abdul (2021) Review

Lead Actors :- Tanishaa Mukerji , Ashok Chaudhary , Khatera Hakimi and so on

Producer :- Hemangi Shah

Music Composer :- Amar Mohile

Director :- Eshwar Gunturu

Story :-

The movie is all about finding out a terrorist named Ali Pasha whose next aim is to target India. The Raw Team had appointed Johnny, Ajay, Stalin, Mehak to find out Ali Pasha alive. In meantime, they traced out the relations of Ali Pasha and came to know about Tariq Sikander and Tanisha Mukherjee. Now how this agents sorted out the clues and found Ali Alive forms the Crux of the story.

Who is Ali Pasha? why he is targeting India? How did Raw Agents sorted out this case? What is the relation between Tanisha with Ali? If you want to know about it watch this film.

Thumps Up :

  • Everyone did their level best to engage this film from starting point itself. besides Tanisha did Splendid Performance.
  • Story was good.
  • Cinematography and Production values are good enough.
  • Background score is apt.

Thumps Down :

  • Director hasn’t made a crispy Screenplay which was the biggest drawback of this flick.
  • Confusion at times.

Final Verdict :

Code Name Abdul is a thriller film that must have a racy Screenplay to engage the audience, But the director failed in doing so even though the story is good. All Actors have done their best performance especially Tanishaa.

All the Technical departments Including Production Values, Cinematography, Visuals, are top notch.

A One Time Watchable Thriller With Zero Expectations.

Rating : 2.25/5

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